Sitting on the Sand

It was March of 2005, I was in Costa Rica with my then husband, our daughter and Costa Rican son in law. It was my first visit to this paradise country and my daughter was anxious to take us to a secluded beach where they had spent part of their honeymoon several years back. As our rented Jeep wound around a sharp curve in the road, there it was, a pristine marvel of white sand dotted with amazing palm trees with large branches that would provide a shady respite from the glaring sun.

As we unloaded the car I began to panic, I didn’t see any beach chairs or benches on this deserted beach and I knew we didn’t have any in the rental car.  I turned to my daughter and said “where will we sit”, she replied, “on the sand”, oh crap….I knew if I sat on the sand, I didn’t have the core strength to get myself back up again. My daughter sensed my panic and asked her husband and father to run back to town and find a couple of beach chairs. They returned a short time later with chairs in hand and we were able to enjoy some time on that beautiful beach in Costa Rica,

For many years I blamed my fitness limitations on my bilateral hip replacements and carrying around way too many pounds.  And as I aged, I had a new excuse to throw into the mix, I was getting old….old people don’t sit on beaches, old people aren’t expected to be fit and beautiful and on and on…and in many ways I had just given up on myself, my self esteem had left the house with the door slamming in it’s wake.

A few weeks after returning from Costa Rica my husband and I parted ways and after 33 years of marriage began divorce proceedings. To everyone who has ever been through the whirlwind or the more accurate description, shit storm, of divorce, one of the offsetting benefits can be the loss of weight, and in my case my divorce diet netted me a 40 pound loss. With the weight loss and the new found freedom for the first time in my life I put myself first. Like that George Strait song “She Let herself Go”, I went to NYC, to Las Vegas, and even to the beaches in Mexico and began to live life through a new lens.

Part of the new lens was regaining my physical strength, I knew I’d never run a marathon like one of my daughters, but perhaps I could ride my bike for a few miles or walk for an hour on the rail trail, or utilize the hotel gym when I traveled for business. all small steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

Eventually I married an awesome guy who is the healthiest person I’ve ever met. While dating,  we spent lots of time biking and hiking together and he introduced me to the concept of gentle yoga. After retirement I began yoga classes, beginning with one class a week and now 3 weekly classes. There are so many healthy benefits of yoga, the core work, the balancing flows and the peace of shavasana, the restful, mindful, delicious part of just being at the end of each yoga session.

So this past week on vacation on South Carolina during a 6 mile walk out to a breakfront on the beach I managed to sit in the sand to take a break and on my way back up to standing managed a few downward facing dogs and a plank. Life is good and being healthy is the best gift we can give ourselves even if we’re old..

5 thoughts on “Sitting on the Sand

  1. Patricia, you are just plain awe-inspiring! I can barely drag myself out of the recliner and have one excuse after another for not exercising.

    I am so happy to hear about your and Jeff’s lifestyle and will think about you when I find myself making excuses to stay home instead of getting out and about!

    Love to you both!


  2. Interesting life story. My wife and I have been married 35 years this August. Has been a stormy marriage. We have talked about divorce, but to quit the relationship just brcause we fight a lot doesn’t seem a good enough reason. Beaches – my recommendation is Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy. I lived there for a year in 1977. For my money, it is one of the most spectacular spots on the planet. It is a rugged windy locale with beautiful water. Also, I adore Italy and have spent a month in Tuscany and many visits to Rome. Check it out.


  3. I cant tell you how much I’m appreciating these opportunities to get to know you. Because of our age difference as youths, I always felt a bit of a stranger to you.
    Thank you! 🙂


  4. Furthermore, Im so happy for you that you’ve found a healthy lifemate! Though I maybe youngerI truely know from experience, the impact our mates have on us in either a positive or negative direction. Ultimately our well being is our own responsibility but, as Phyllis always said “Choose your friends wisely, for you become like those you associate with”
    And finally, YOGA ROCKS!!
    Love u


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